Rekhta – Solo show of Paintings By well-known artist Ravindra Pawar in Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 8th to 14th February 2022


Phrases of the Mystical Ensemble

Solo show of Paintings

By well-known artist Ravindra Pawar


Jehangir Art Gallery

161- B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: 98191 31395

‘Living in Mumbai, being and experiencing the fast lifestyle, observing the overlapping visuals while commuting by local trains and buses of the people packed in the limited space and colors of the fabric they wear, and while going around the City – the slums, buildings, walls crumbling, rusted hoardings, scratches, walls cracks, drops of water and flow of liquid, trees, leaves, geometrical forms shapes, roads, and many other elements forms visual frames of composition and embedded in my subconscious mind. These stimulate and inspire me to draw and paint. Also, my interaction with children, juveniles, and or otherwise, their emotions, psychological and social issues, et al. are part of my subconscious memory which influences my work. My paintings are pure visual experiences that are to be seen by the viewer’, says Ravindra.

This is Mumbai and Ravindra has been living here for years, working with the Juveniles. He has been interacting with these Juveniles who have been labeled as difficult to discuss the various ups and downs of their life. I think Ravindra’s brilliant use of colours, powerful strokes, different shapes and lines, transparency, roughness has really come a long way wherein he subconsciously depicts all that he has observed and perceived through his art.

The fields of geometrical forms and colors transport one to the Color-Field Abstract Expressionist movement. The play of color on the psyche of humans is as primitive as is man, and so is the therapeutic value of colors which has a very deep impact on our minds and psychological wellbeing. Expressing through Art that which cannot be spoken heals the deeper held aspects of our emotions and traumas thereon healing the being.

Ravindra’s color palette is vivid, darks, earthy, muted, neutrals, and cool. The forms, lines, overlapping and revealing underlying colors, the powerful application of the medium, speak an unspoken narrative that has impacted him deeply and vividly. The use of complementary, analogous and monochromes to express his varying emotions and inspirations enhance the artwork evoking the viewer’s senses to indulge in the visual melody.

Ravindra’s colours present a good degree of emotion through their tones and shades while the gestures are presented by the brush stokes, breaking lines and moving forms. His, every composition has a stance, an elegance and a dominant position in the space that is suggestive in some way. Even though the artist does not ponder around a particular subject, yet the different visuals leave a deep impact of experiences only through pure visuals. Hence, for the artist and the viewer, it is an act of feeling, connecting and being impacted rather than simply viewing it

Ravindra’s visual compositions appear to be quiet, but they are sharp and energetic. His paintings are a visual poetry with a good balance of simplicity and complexity with myriad ideas, moods and feelings that his colours suggest. Despite a sense of lack of certainty, there is a great silent gesture on the surface and an unheard emotion captured through colours and abstract forms. Both of these elements have the power to define a purpose to make his work look great for his viewer.

His paintings has a different depth of colours. As he has intentionally overlapped much of the surface. I think Ravindra subconsciously tries to show it in a subtle manner.

There he is! Looking like he is embracing ‘Nirvana’. He wants to hide away a lot of memories, previous circumstances… Pain. He wants to live his life to fullest and make the most of it.

At this exact moment Rekhta comes into the picture. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, it’s all scattered but eventually all of it fall in the right place. These various shades of colours holds  everything in place. Merging all elements of lines, shapes, shades of colours etc.


That’s Ravindra for you who sees all these scattered things and then goes to on tries to keep things in order, in the right place!