Aries Plex SL Cinemas Grabs the Limelight once again Wins IFFK Award

Aries Plex SL, Thiruvananthapuram, grabbed the headlines after winning the prestigious International Film Festival (IFFK) award organized by the Kerala state government. This was bestowed on the organization in recognition of its excellent facilities provided for the event. A cash prize of Rs 10,000, a certificate, and a sculpture was awarded to Aries Plex Director, Mr. Joy, who received the award from State Finance Minister Shri K.N. Balagopal. AriesPlex theatre is owned by Dr. Sohan Roy, Founder Chairman and CEO of Aries Group of Companies.

The theatre has been recognized and received many accolades in the past. Blockbuster Tollywood movie, Bahubali received the highest collection in India from Aries Plex. The Audi One in this theater has an imported silver screen, one of India’s largest screens. Images from two projectors are simultaneously combined and delivered to the screen, resulting in images that have no other resolution. The 4K technology visual layout and sixty-four channel 80,000 watts Dolby Atmos sound system offer the audience an immersive cinema experience. These reasons that film enthusiasts from all over the state flock here to enjoy the magic of big-budget movies at their finest quality. The Rajinikanth movie 2.0 also received the highest collection from this theatre. Mohanlal’s ‘Marakkar: Lion of the Arabian Sea’ also enjoyed the highest number of shows in the theatre. Aries Group’s CEO, Dr. Sohan Roy, a Hollywood director, stated that audiences would only come to the theatres to see the movie during this ‘COVID’ period if the theatre owners were willing to give the audience the best viewing experience.

“India is the country that releases the largest number of movies globally. But the film industry and theatres are not getting the revenue they deserve. The biggest reason for this is the lack of theatres that provide the best visual experience and facilities. Suppose a huge capital investment is made for the development of theatre infrastructure. In that case, the revenue will increase manifold, and India will become a country that can significantly contribute to the global cinema market. As part of our Project: Indywood, we have developed a large platform for global investment. The infrastructure at AriesPlex SL is set up as a model for this masterpiece. The accolades received by this theatre indicate that our efforts are being recognized. We are now building home theatres and education theatres using the same standards to bring visual quality to homes, schools, and institutions. The latest trend is pre-fabricated home theatres that can be set up on the house’s terrace within a single day,” he added.

Aries Plex is a model institution that paid salaries to all the workers even when all theatres were closed during  COVID. The theatre is also equipped with ‘Wolf Air Mask,’ a novel air sterilizing device that disinfects viruses, including COVID, by keeping the air clean.

Aries Plex SL Cinemas Grabs the Limelight once again  Wins IFFK Award