Saiba Dance Academy presents The story of HER “Sati – The Dark Past Of India”

Directed & Choreographed by Saiba Sayed, Executive Producer- Ekta Anand, Associated NGO- Mukkti Foundation headed by Smt. Smita Thackeray, Co Sponsor- Satva Tatva Anchal Chavan
Introducing the tale of SATI in various dance forms, a revolutionary change, a journey of a 1000 years in 60 mins

The show saw the presence of Urmila Kothare, Meena Rohera, Bina Aziz, Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Bassant Rasiwasia & many more.
“Sati” is a thought-provoking visual portrayal showcasing the dark past of India. A woman who has stepped into an afterlife with her husband, a woman who has been a ‘dutiful’ wife, a woman who has traveled an extra mile through forced traditions and beliefs, a woman who ‘commits’ SATI. Illustrating intense subjects in every twirl and swirl, Sati aims to educate society on women’s empowerment in the form of dance.
This concept has plagued society and has become a tool to enforce the norms of patriarchy. Women have stayed quiet for too long, experiencing them fighting back and having their stories heard, their pleas answered through the expression of dance. Sati sheds light on the dark past of India and how it is still oppressing women in this day and age.
Directed & Choreographed by Saiba Sayed, he specializes in Indo-contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, salsa, kathak, body anatomy, and more with over 20 years of experience, he has successfully trained over 200 celebrities, 20,000 school children, and 100 corporates in various countries across the globe, quotes saying “In fond memory of my mother, I give you Sati. A saga of the sacrifice of women who have been adjusting and sacrificing for ages. Suppressed & abused by society, family & children. A 60 mins tribute to all the women, who know nothing but love”
Executive Producer Ekta Anand says ” A social evil practiced among Hindu communities where a recently widowed woman, either voluntarily or by force, immolates herself on her deceased husband’s pyre. Sati’ may be a thing of the past but widows continue to face social discrimination in different forms in the modern era. I along with the team, Saiba Sayed, and Anchal Chavan bring to you a 60 mins play of contemporary dance with drama, emotions & a strong message. I would like to thank Smita Thackeray ji & Mukkti Foundation for joining us & believing in Sati”
Co-Sponsor & the lead dancer, Anchal Chavan of Satva Tatva says “The struggle of my mother, my friend, my daughter, my husband. It breaks my heart to see my family support me in silence, they can’t support me openly. I have seen my mother give her life for her children and husband, she didn’t give up her dreams, she just stopped dreaming. Today we are all fighting, explaining- what, convincing- why balancing- how. I want to raise a question to the society when we are born in a free country, why can’t we live freely”
Smt. Smita Thackeray, heading Mukkti Foundation says “We present to you Sati. It needs no introduction, I am sure you must have guessed the concept of the play by its name.  We have all heard about sati, the cruel practice of making a widow burn herself alive on the funeral pyre of her dead husband. In the play, Sati will depict their struggles, their traumas, and their pain. Saiba Sayed has beautifully directed & choreographed the play. We have combined contemporary dance & music. I am sure it will touch your hearts, especially women”

Saiba Dance Academy presents The story of HER  “Sati – The Dark Past Of India”