God Bless America Angel Tetarbe International PEACE Ambassador

Deadly mass shooting at  Robb Elementary School in the small city of Uvalde ,South Texas began on Tuesday 24th May, where children n adults got rigorously killed is a heart pain for America.

My heart condolences to the family of children n teachers who died in this deadly gun shot.

Very sad to hear such a worst innocent killing.

It was a 80 minutes real horror at Robb Elementary school.

21 people was ultimately  killed in which 19 were children and two teachers..

It’s a real tough situation for the government to handle it and the families  who lost the lives of their loved ones to even believe it .

Government must take some immediate action to discourage n wipe out completely such kind of disaster never to happen in future.

Every school of USA must get huge protection for the lives of children and Teachers  coming to make their bright future.

We are Peace loving people.

We r born to spread , peace love and Happiness in this World.

Good bless America

God bless this World with happiness.

Pls join Hands for World PEACE.


“International PEACE Ambassador” USA

Miss Glamourface World INDIA”



God Bless America Angel Tetarbe International PEACE Ambassador