SK Music Works Presents JAANA HAI TOH JAA artist version composed by Siddharth Kasyap And Sung by Mohammed Irfan

SK Music works, a YouTube channel featuring mellifluous melodies released an artist version of “Jaana Hai Toh Jaa”, a label which creates original music in different genres and showcases them with a complete visual treat says the COO Sanober Herekar.

The poetic lyrics, the eloquent and soul-stirring phrases of  “Jaana Hai Toh Jaa” seem to perfectly articulate the feelings that can’t be put into words. For some it may heal, for some it may give the much needed closure & some may walk down the memory lane. It describes the pain of true love, it throws light on how difficult it becomes to stay without the ones we love.

The overwhelming response to the original version of the song provoked the makers to compose an artist version, they were bombarded with different versions from music enthusiasts, each better than the other. This heart melting song is touted to be the “love anthem” of the year, it has touched millions of hearts & crossed more than 5 lakh views in just 48 hours of its release.

Siddhart Kasyap of SK Music Works says “When Kumaar ji wrote the song Jaana Hai Toh Jaa, he first wrote the hook line. His expression inculcated an idea in me that the lyrics can have multiple meanings, it can either be If you want to leave feel free to I will not die without you or it could be sad. First we tried to explore the shades of extreme anger. The main starting phrase inspired us to make the song. Then came Irfan, when he heard the track & understood the concept, he gave his 100%. He emoted the song with apt passion. Later we started getting multiple requests from the artists that they wanted to hear it in its natural form, Irfan’s raw voice. This gave birth to the artist version of the song. However in the artist version we made it softer. The original version is more Kumaar ji’s expression & the artistic version is more my expression. I would like to applaud & praise Irfan for his versatility, there are very few singers who can sing their own song in multiple versions, he has done an outstanding job. I am glad people are loving it. We promise to give the best to our fans, there are many more on their way”

Mohammed Irfan says “I have felt the anger and the agony in the song before, but this song also deserved a sweet peaceful rendition which can make you connect to the lyrics in a soothing way”

Lyricist Kumaar says “A romantic betrayal song which has been beautifully curated to touch chords with our fans.The lyrics are slightly different than the usual songs, it is not your typical lyrics of a heart broken lover, If you want to leave feel free to i will not die without you. Mohammed Irfan is a terrific singer, an outstanding artist. I would like to thank Siddharth Kasyap for showing faith in me, his composition is applaud worthy”

Witness this soulful voyage of pain and anguish through this artistic musical video.