The Exhibition of Famous Painter Sarika Banka’s paintings SATV Inaugurated at Nehru Center Mumbai

Chief Guest, Dr. Suvi Manish Swamy, Actress Ashi Gaur, Singer Pranav Vats and Shonali Mishra honoured their presence as Guest of Honour.

The exhibition “Satv” of famous painter Sarika Banka’s paintings was inaugurated on 9th August at Nehru Center Worli Mumbai where many celebrity guests were also present. The exhibition of this painting came to full swing and started by lighting the lamp.

The chief guests of the exhibition were Dr. Suvi Manish Swamy (Cancer Therapist, Director, Ishwara Life Sciences) and Mr. Jayesh Khade (Social Entrepreneur). Whereas TV Actress Ashi Gaur, Singer Pranav Vats, Singer Shonali Mishra, Sushant Singh (Music Professor) were present here as guest of honor. This exhibition will run from 9 August 2022 to 15 August 2022. In the inauguration ceremony, painter Sarika Banka welcomed all the guests and honoured them with a bouquet of flowers.

Let us bring light to the fact that Sarika Banka has been practising drawing and painting for more than 21 years. With an award from the President of India, Sarika Banka has brushed down and presented variety of expressions and emotions on canvas. She is inspired by various forms of art, including sculptures in old monuments, temples and palaces in India and abroad. With skillful use of colors and brushes she has beautifully picturised the depiction of love, peace, harmony and unity in the world

Adding more regards to this painting exhibition, Sarika added, “Satv is a combination of two words, Satya and Tatva. I feel that the purpose of my life is to discover my truth, and the most essential parts that help me on this journey are my eternal, inner and outer five elements. You can see the essence of the Satv elaborated in my paintings.”

Chief Guest Dr Suvi Manish Swamy stated that Sarika is associated with spirituality and this spirituality has inspired her to make such paintings.

Sarika thanked the Chief Guest Dr Suvi Manish Swamy. Sarika’s family were also present on this occasion. Her mother said that Sarika was very fond of painting since childhood and today her achievement is worth watching. At the same time, her mother-in-law said that Sarika is my daughter-in-law but I consider her like a daughter, we both live like mother and daughter.

Actress Ashi Gaur of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain fame says that Sarika’s painting shows great calmness and positivity. Behind every painting there is a story attached with different emotions.

Singer Pranav Vats also liked Sarika’s painting and added that I paint a life with a pen and she is adding color to life with a brush.

The Exhibition of Famous Painter Sarika Banka’s paintings SATV Inaugurated at Nehru Center Mumbai