Artist Rakhii S Baid Paints Her Moods In Shades Of Blue

Everything lies in me and in everyone, it is me behind every action, said Lord Krishna. Artist Rakhii S Baid seems to have imbibed this Krishnaansh in her life and works. It is this ansh that probably sparked the creativity in Rakhii to move from the rural Adivasi village Lanjiberna in Odisha to the magical city of Mumbai. What began as a connection to Krishna, like the color blue making its mark on the canvas, the color of Kanha, of eternity, of deep space, of oceans and the sky became her poetry of colors, her pilgrimage, her emotional connect to her god.

Today, the veteran artist, with over 62 shows to her credit, both group and solo, across the globe, comes with an expression of devotion and passion, a series of works – Krishnaansh – a collection that seems to have a rhythm of its own.

It was natural that her exhibition at Nehru Centre Art Gallery was attended by veteran musician Jeetu Shankar, playback singer Madhushree, Miss India Tourism Rupali Suri, Atika Farooqui,  Bimla Raju Sekhani, Suman Bachawat, Sunita Parmar, veteran art critic Manmohan Saral and veteran artists Prithvi Soni, Vishwa Sahni, Suresh Nair, Sonu Gupta among many others.

And just like Lord Krishna, Rakhii mesmerizes the world with her art and persona alike, and leaves audiences wistful, spellbound and craving for more.

Rakhii S Baid’s Krishnaansh is on till October 10th at Nehru Centre AC Gallery, Worli.

Artist Rakhii S Baid Paints Her Moods In Shades Of Blue