Dr Swatantra Jain – For A Healthier Tomorrow Let’s Reconnect With Nature

Not even the greatest philosophers ever thought to have a One world One family Vision~ My dream is Medicine free world without hunger :- Dr Swatantra Jain

It’s very well said and believed that we become what we eat & think. It’s the little habits we form in our daily routine that determine the course of our health in the future. Dr. Swantantra Jain’s practice is very simple and doable and habits we can cultivate within the ingredients found in our kitchen. Albeit simple we all have somehow lost the touch and connection with the little things in life. Everything our body requires Mother Nature very kindly provides sadly we have taken them for granted. We are so consumed in following a mechanical life that we have lost the essence of simplicity.

The western world is adapting to our ways such as vegetarianism & yoga whereas we are changing our ways inclined to the western world.

Dr. Swantantra’s main objective is to introduce natural homeopathy all over the world by guiding us to reconnect with nature.

Dr. Swatantra Jain is on the post of Indore City President of International Human Rights Organization and Vice President of Madhya Pradesh State. He has been doing incomparable public welfare work in the field of human rights. Dozens of his books, including Muktiyan and Mukti Shikhar are a source of inspiration.

The dilemma we face today with modern medicine in not unknown. In the name of treatment doctors exploit the patients & as the patients are overwhelmed & vulnerable we fall prey to their myriad of tests & prescribed medicines for which they receive commissions.

Dr. Swantantra reintroduced the simple way of living and aims for the world to benefit by his way of treatment aka Naniji ke nuske.

His advice to people is so simple and easy for instance start your day with gratitude and smile along with two glasses of warm water. Add a few more miles to your daily routine with a light walk. Surya namakar’s 5 to 10 twice a day has monumental health benefits.

He advices to drink coconut water which has panacea for many diseases.

Replacing your morning & evening garam chai ki payali with warm water and a few drops of lemon are small steps to a better living. He suggests to introduce these little things and make them a way of living. Small steps today to a better health tomorrow.

Allopathy and modem medicine is a billion dollar business today and we all are nothing but guinea pigs in the hands of the doctors. Many medicines that are banned in other countries her dumped & consumed in ours. Sad reality of the modern medicine.

Dr. Swantantra advocates that we don’t need to depend on allopathy medicines if we make small changes & adopt to a system of lifestyle with no side effects such as Yogasan, Surya Kiran food , Amrit jal or surya Kiran water therapy, acupressure, biochemic medicines .

He further explains that he his main aim is to have a drug free world for the generations to come and seeks our help in achieving the same by propagandising his noble thoughts far & wide.

He very strongly believes in his mantra “Reconnect with nature” and exhorts his patients to do the same. All our answers are in front of us amidst the beautiful nature.

By adopting yoga, exercise and a prescribed diet by Dr. Swantantra many of his patient’s diseases have been eradicated from the root.

Dr. Swantantra Jain runs a trust called Muktiyan where treatments are provided pro bono for many patients in India and abroad.

For a better tomorrow let’s raise our voices and support Dr. Swantantra in his noble cause to spread the use of natural homeopathy would wide via social media or word of mouth. Together we can built a stronger and drug free world ..

Dr Swatantra Jain – For A Healthier Tomorrow Let’s Reconnect With Nature