Liza Singh Is Not Just Another Newcomer Actress On Bollywood Block

A fantastic actress, model and an amazing actress, Liza Singh is here to stay in Bollywood. She’s also a sportsperson who will now represent Kolkata in next year’s gun shooting competition. The other night Liza has a royal entry at  the star-studded Society Awards.

Incidentally, the pretty and very talented Liza was the lead actress in legendary Subhash Ghai’s movie 36 FARM HOUSE released recently.

“I was born in Kolkata. Yes, I was interested in acting since my childhood. It’s in my blood which I recognised it later. My mother used to get amused seeing me dancing even the bathroom!(Laughs) Every journey has a beginning and as they say say, ‘morning shows the day’, tells Liza with her infectious smile.

So, how did Liza come to Mumbai?

“I came to Mumbai five years ago. But not to join film industry, rather to do buisness,” informs Liza adding about her journey so far in Bollywood, “Well, kuch khatta kuch meetha.. But I only learn from my journey.”

And what’s Liza’s strategy to overcome the competion as there are lots of newcomers trying their luck in the film industry?

“All have their individual journey. There’s no competition. I am doing my own work.. they will do theirs,” Liza says as a matter of fact. About her Bollywood idol, Liza says with a smile that it has to be Shah Rukh Rukh Khan. “He is so versatile! I always admire him as my guru,” says Liza.

What are Liza’s  hobbies?How does she relax?

“Travelling to new places and horse-riding are my stress-busters. I’m cool and confident,” Liza replies.

Keep going strong Liza!


Liza Singh Is Not Just Another Newcomer Actress On Bollywood Block