I Have A Dream To Play For India J&K Based Cricketer Majid Malik


Nowadays when everyone  is attempting to be self-dependent and thousands of start-ups jogging across the country, A Section of society awfully youth is entangled in the Craft of Sports and Entertainment while we notice some of them have both talents, we reached across another inspiring story Of Mr. Majid Malik who is by profession a Cricketer and also he glimpses forward to joining the Film industry as an actorr, something which is standard in both fields is fitness and Performance

Here is our Chat with Majid Malik.

Tell us about yours, yourself

Well, I’m a simple guy who at college level emptied my mind to take bat when terrorism was at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir, I belong to a small village called Bhatyas of District Doda of Jammu and Kashmir. Im also the District Voice president for Minority BJP.

What makes you feel so Incredible in cricket?

Well, I have reasonable bat flow and temperament with the Ball, I love to be on the ground in front of Thousands of Audience and perform, the claps and hooting is my favorite thing that I love to listen to, well I have a dream to play for India, I know it’s not easy but nothing is impossible too.

What is the mantra of fitness and your goals?

Well, I love to be fit because being a cricketer’s prime importance is to be fit, I keep doing a lot of physical exercises and the area I m associated with is not easy but tough terrain so indirectly you keep burning  Calories on auto mode.

What is your message to the youth of Your state?

Sir, I just want to tell keep going and doing the stuff you haoptedded forrpatienniceicen d consistency break the Himalaiintontoa Smooth sand and ea, Keep doing hard work with discipline Almighty will impart your success and Glory.

Majid Malik – I Opted To Bat When Terrorism Was At Peak