Yash (Krishna) Is An Unique Devotee Of Lord Ganesha, He Keeps Bappa’s Idols At Home For 14 Years

Yash (Krishna) Ramkishor Rajgarhia is a great devotee of Lord Ganesha and he has been placing Ganpati Bappa in his house for the last 14 years. His specialty is that he does not immerse the idol of Ganeshji but has been keeping the idol in his house for 14 years and behind this he has deep devotion towards Ganeshji. He says that once Bappa comes to the house, he does not feel like sending him away. On the day of Anant Chaturthi, after worshiping Lord Ganesha as per rituals, the idol is covered after taking a dip in water mixed with Ganga Jal and then after Diwali, the idol of Lord Ganesha is kept in the house.

Ganpati Bappa idol has been placed by the Mumbaicha Mahasamrat for the 14th year this year. And yash (Krishna) has installed the idol with an unique theme this year. In this, his father Ram Kishor and mother Anita Rajgarhia also had full support.

Yash (Krishna) Ramkishor Rajgarhia while interacting with the media at his house said that this is the tallest idol of Ganeshji present in any house in the whole Maharashtra which is 8 feet high. The idol of Ganpati Bappa has been made on the trolley.

This Murti has been made by Mumbai’s famous sculptor Kunal Patil.

This year’s idol is in the form of Ardha Narishwar, which is a unique concept. Yash (Krishna) has brought this idol from Naigaon Vasai which is situated in F 501 of Aggarwal Residency located in Shankar Gali of Kandivali West.

Krishna told that with Bappa’s arrival there is brightness everywhere. There is an atmosphere of joy and happiness, many people come to meet and seek blessings of Bappa. I myself have great enthusiasm to see Bappa all over Mumbai, I go to many places and take blessings of Bappa. I wish that Bappa gives a healthy life to me, my family and the entire country including Mumbai and Maharashtra, health is the greatest wealth.

The Murti depicts a tableau of united India and the tricolor of India.

Yash (Krishna) has wanted to do something different in the creative field since childhood. He has been installing different types of idols of Lord Ganesha in his house for the last 14 years.

He says that we worship Lord Ganesha every year, this time I thought why not worship Lord Ganesha along with his parents Shiva and Parvati ji. This idol has been made according to this theme. I have also made a 40-minute film on the same theme.

In this devotional spirit of Yash (Krishna), apart from his parents, he gets the love of all the sculptors, relatives, neighbors, society members, friends, family and all the nearby Ganesh Mandals and Ganesh devotees.


Yash (Krishna) Is An Unique Devotee Of Lord Ganesha, He Keeps Bappa’s Idols At Home For 14 Years