Udit Narayan’s – Alka Yagnik ,Vipin Pitwa’s New Devotional Song LAUTE HAIN RAM Is Creating Spiritual Buzz Again On Ram Mandir Inauguration

——–Raja Sarfaraz

The Rise of Spiritual Strings And vibes in India now a days are  making solitude and connecting emotions From the greater  Himalayas to Ganga, From Kashmir to Kanya kumari , Infants to Saints “Laute Hain Ram” A Melody And Soul healer sung  by Legendry Udit Narayan  and Vipin Pitwa in Male version and Great Alka Yagnik in Female version steering Jammu’s Daughter Divya Kohli  in lead  Role is an Honour for City of temples also. Vipin Pitwa a master maker of Melody as singer and composer for it has made it in Collaboration with Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnit ji Under Shree Ram Productions amd PR Banner Glitter world an endeavour by Mr Narinder one of the young entrepreneur from Jammu Risen with waves of Chinab Doda making Doda Proud. Glitter world will be a next stage for new Generations to show case their talent on and of screen.

“Laut ae Ram” the Welcome of Lord Ram to Its destiny at Holy Ram Mandir to be Inaugurated on 22nd January 2024 is an epitome of spiritual Solitude touching Strings of Soul to Falcon Vision.Hardowrok of Vipin Pitwa Composer ,singer, and Actors ,is incomplete with out Remembering Lyrics writer  Late Shri Ajay Gupta who is no more physically but has left a bench mark in magnum opus “Laut Ae Ram” hailing from UP Lucknow A tribute by Shree Ram Productions dedicated to Memory of Late Shri Ajay Gupta and will keep serving as a platform for Melodies of art and devotions on which Laut Ae Ram melody is Being Uploaded as teaser and official Music video. Video is Directed by Mr Rakesh Yadav  hard work and determination is Glittering is every frame and from pre to post production the excellence is reflecting its craft in Clear technique without keeping any imprint uncatalogued.

Divya Kohli Girl from Jammu and Kashmir based in Mumbai now is establishing a new bench mark with her craft and excellence ,not only actress but has done his role as Creative Director as well keeping in view the modern neo classical elements and Vivid craft in Mind with neo High tech VFX approach to make it Large.Divya Kohli is Becoming an icon with this and Jammu and Kashmir is proud of her. When asked about upcoming projects she tells “ yes it been long way a journey of learning now its time to work more and never look back, this song is very special for me and emotions in it are associated to Lord Ram that no one can explain in words and also a tribute to Lyrics writer Shri Ajay Gupta who left his words eternal and perpetual spiritual  doctrine , hope people with love and admire our  work more and more , yes my next projects are major and big surprises for my  well-wishers.

Entire efforts of  Glitter world are worth appreciating which is determined to make it more gigantic and Focused to Shape more and additional craft in future .Glitter world is an asset of every artist who wishes to deliver his work on grand scale we will love to orient talented youth of our country and keep contributing society is same way says Mr Narinder CEO of Glitter world PR Company.


“Laute Hain Ram” A Spiritual Solitude Touching Strings Of Soul