Swiggy And Greater Chennai Traffic Police Join Forces For Road Safety Campaign

Tamil Nadu: February 8, 2024 – On the occasion of Road Safety Week, Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience platform has collaborated with the Greater Chennai City Traffic Police to organize a comprehensive road safety and traffic awareness program for its delivery partners in the city. The program, initiated on February 5th, aims to run over a span of three days, covering key locations such as Anna Nagar and Adyar in Chennai.

The program commenced with a safety rally by Swiggy’s delivery partners at Anna Nagar yesterday, witnessing an impressive turnout of over 100 participants. This was followed by informative traffic awareness sessions led by Traffic Inspector Mr. Shakthivel. The inaugural session was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic, and Mr. Sundar Raj, Assistant Commissioner of Police. Today, another session has been lined up at Anna Nagar.

Following this, the program will extend its reach to delivery partners in Adyar next week before encompassing significant zones across Coimbatore.

The “Road Safety and Traffic Awareness Programme” underscores Swiggy’s commitment to promoting responsible driving practices among its delivery fleet. Participants will receive training on crucial aspects such as traffic rules, helmet usage, case studies, consequences of reckless driving, and parking etiquette. Swiggy has been conducting annual road safety training for its delivery partners in the city since 2018.

“We appreciate Swiggy’s proactive approach to road safety challenges as evident from their collaboration with the Greater Chennai City Traffic. Their commitment to ensuring the safety of their delivery partners and the communities they serve is commendable. Such initiatives set a positive example for responsible corporate citizenship in our state,” remarked Mr. Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic.

“Road accidents, and resultant fatalities and injuries are a big scourge for India. Every year these cost the Indian economy 4-5 percent of the GDP. Most of the victims are pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, with many of them in their prime working age. Swiggy is committed to the welfare of its delivery partners. By conducting regular road safety awareness programmes in association with police authorities, we hope to improve traffic sensitisation to delivery partners and to improve their safety,” said Dinker Vashisht, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Swiggy.

Parthasarthy, a Swiggy delivery partner who attended the session, expressed appreciation for the initiative. “Considering we delivery partners spend so much time on the road, I am glad that Swiggy and the Greater Chennai Traffic Police organized this session for us. Such sessions help us realize that Swiggy cares about our safety as much as it does about delivering to the customer.”

Over the years, Swiggy has conducted drives in different cities across India in its commitment to enabling a safe working environment for its delivery fleet. All delivery partners at Swiggy are provided with insurance that protects them on the road.

Last year, in an industry-first initiative, Swiggy partnered with Dial 4242 to provide on-demand, free, and fast ambulance services to its delivery partners. Swiggy also has Emergency Support Services (ESS), which encompasses various options to cater to the needs of delivery partners during an emergency or mishap on the road. The ESS includes 24*7 hotline numbers, emergency cards for delivery partners, and a direct link to the local police and ambulance service via an SOS button on the delivery partner app.

For Swiggy, the safety and well-being of its delivery partners and the wider community are paramount. All delivery partners go through a road safety guidance module at the time of onboarding. The platform also conducts safety campaigns offering support and guidance throughout the year.

Three-Day Road Safety Program Launched By Swiggy And Chennai Traffic Police